Flyer Distribution

In a world of digital saturation, a good street team can really boost the external awareness of your product or event. Meeting people head on and discussing with them what you are promoting is still one of the most effective ways to get your message across.

We directly approach businesses, hotels, student bases, arts centres, public transport hubs, shops, and bars with your materiel to discuss it with them, and place it on display for their patrons. We can also build a tailor-made package based on your specific requirements so just let us know who you’d like to target and we can advise and plan the best possible approach for your product.

For a message that needs consistency, a set flyer team which can be specifically dedicated to promote your event out and around Scotland wherever and whenever needed. Our street teams will be fully prepared to discuss your products directly to ensure as high a level of engagement as possible. They will also help to bridge the gap between on and offline promotion, discussing and encouraging potential customers to engage with your digital platforms.